Elmo Thomason a Charlie Birger Gang member, died when Charlies hideout, Shady Rest, was burned in 1927.  A family member was living in Reevesville at the time and they had him buried here.  I have also seen his name spelled "Thomasson"?  The Shady Rest was located between Marion and Harrisburg and was built to serve bootleggers traveling from Florida to St. Louis.  It is said that the bombing of Shady Rest by the rival Shelton Gang was the first aerial Attack on U.S. soil.  The aerial attack didn't destroy the Shady Rest but was later destroyed by fire.  It's unknow who started the fire but, Harry Thomason suspected Birger in the burning of the Shady Rest that kill his brother Elmo. After Harry was arrested for robbery he confessed to killing Joe Adams, West City's Mayor and alleged  Shelton gang member, and implicated Charlie Birger in the murder.  In the end Birger was convicted and executed for ordering the killing of Joe Adams.  Click here to see burial location.