What did Reevesville guys have that the girls didn't - NICKNAMES.
Oops! Some girls also had one. Still, mostly guys, tho.
(Pleased don't be offended, a nickname meant you were well liked.)

Smiley - John Burnett
Tuffl'- James Troutt
Fireball - ? Buttrum
Cabbage'- Earl Hunnerkoch
Frog - Gerald Taylor
Myrtle - Mary Johnson
Beans - James Troutt
Peely - Lowell Troutt
Beartrack - Jimmy Bazor
Termite - Janice Belcher
Seed Rooster- Cletus Coburn
Humphry - G.W. Troutt
Wimpy - Wm. Stafford
Happy - Dallas Stalford
Chesty - Helen Joy Belcher
Doc - John Troutt
Boot - J.L. Cummins
Big Annie - Annie Sterns
Rojack - G.W. Troutt
Monroe - Jimmy Bazor
Coo Shaw - Maurice Shaw
Jughead, Bud - Lowell Carter
Pinky - Roy Lee Wright
Butch - Robert Wright
Butch - Roy Hunt
Skeeter - Gene Wieneke
Big Eyes (4 eyes)- Bruce Cummins
Buck - Alvis Stafford
Slick - Willy Helm
Peaberry - Ralph Kerly - son of Leoria Kerley - name from Peaberry Coffee
Weasel- Loren South
Puddle - Joe Troutt
Whistle (Pig),Tooter- John Ramsey
Tootsie, Kill-eem-much - Sue Bazor
Bookie, Bruster, Chestnut - Bruce Cummins
Bosco, Bore - Dallas Stafford
Tweedle Dee (Diane Nelson)
Lonzo (Ed Wieneke)
Lollipop Kid (Larry Lee Wieneke)
Janie (Harriet Troutt)
Tootie (Frances Etheridge)
Buck (Alvis Stafford)
Dode (Dora Bazor )
Whitey (Tommlz Johnson)
Myrtle (Mar:y Johnson)
Little-un (Wanda Logeman Bazor )
Cecil Lee Roy (Jim Cox)
Churchill (Winston Etheridge )
Peck (George Etheridge)
Dick (Richard Etheridge)
Rosie (Arlene Etheridge Wright )
Red Bone (Paul Wieneke)
Weeds (Bi11 Mathis)
Rooster (Connie Cato)
Rooster (Dennis Stratemeyer)
Johnny (Ethel Etheridge)
Bear, Bear Tr:ack, Monroe, Mon (Jim Bazor)
Little Bear, Bear Track, Little Mon (Jimmy Bazor)
Jeano, Drewsy Do, Drewsy (Jeannie Bazor')
Shorty (Leatrice Wieneke)
Jr, Buster (Fred Parks)
Giz (John Wynne)
Brother (Toin FIazel)
Dave Makin, Makin (David Brenningmeyer)
Battlinq Sack Eye (Big Lowel Johnson )
Bruiser (Barb Statford)
Miss Crow (Sharon Jean Wiene ke )
Turkey (Sarah Lee Johnson)
Claude Marvin (Calvin Miller)
Donafd Duck (Donnie Shreeves)
Rudy (Ruldolf Wright)
Some names may apear more than once as these came in from a few different sources and I didn't take the time to combine.  If you have one you would like added or removed please e-mail me at jcummins@reevesville.org