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Illinois Central Rail Road (ICRR) Pictures

Richie Boyd, Engineer of Engine IC 6050 - 2008

Illinois Central Track Supevisor B, A. Williamson, Bluford District, presents a Medal of Appreciation to Mr.Robert Troutt, Big Bay, Illinois.
In recognition of alertness and interest shown in detecting and reporting a broken rail on I.C. main line near Mr. Troutts residence on the morning of November 8 (Year ?).
From his home Mr. Troutt noted an alien noise above the usual roar of a passing train, made a quick inspection and located the hazardous condition.
He raced two miles in his automobile to report to maintenance forces.
 Mr. Troutt, in the center, receives the medal from Mr. Williamson while Harry Nave, I.C. agent at Reevesville and correspondent for The NEWS, looks on.

2008 Picture of Engine 5982 in R'ville

Passenger Car on side tracks in Reevesville 2009

Passenger Car on side tracks in Reevesville 2009

Engine 766, R'ville to Rosiclare local switching the fluorspar mines

Engine 764, "The Tea Kettle" and caboose in Rville c. 1950  Harry Nave's house in background.  Notice Grandson's swing in the tree.

Engine 764

Reevesville depot and Paducah-Rosiclare local 1958.  Diesels replaced steam engines in January 1957.
The local that ran from Reevesville to Rosiclare now ran all the way from Paducah to Rosiclare.

Reevesville Depot Looking North, 1958

Reevesville Depot as it was in the fall of 1996

2002 Rail Road Pictures

Current Reevesville Depot

IL Central Rail Road (ICRR) Pictures

Main line passing through town (looking south)

Steam engine sitting at the Reevesville Depot

Steam Engine Taking on Coal at the Reevesville, IL Coal Chute in 1952

The Reevesville Depot

This picture taken from atop the Reevesville coal chute showing the 4 lines that passed under.
Notice the steam engine sitting at the Depot in the back ground.

The Reevesville water tower
Not only did it supply water to the steam engines it also supplied the local residents.

This shot shows the Carbondale to Thebes turn on its northbound return back to Carbondale.  The location is between Ware and Reynoldsville, and the line is the Murphysboro District.  Engine 1537 was one of the last Mikados to run out of Carbondale, and this was one of the last steam assignments.
The photo was taken by J. Parker Lamb on January 27, 1959.  He and fellow University of Illinois student Bruce Meyer chased the Thebes Turn that day, and shot a whole series of photos of this train.  The Meyer shot at this location is framed slightly differently, and the Missouri Pacific Railroad's parallel bridge can be seen in the background.  Both shots were taken between the I.C. tracks and Illinois Highway 3.
Infomation provided by: Mary Rae McPherson

The Coal Chute as it stands today

Color Train

Reevesville Waiting for the "Color Train"

The "Color Train" has Arrived

This crowd of approximately 5,000 ate a ham and bean lunch in the yard of what was once the Reevesville Grade School. At the time of this picture, it had just finish renovation as the home of Harold and Joan Dowd and their sons, Tony and Philip.

In the autumn of 1961.
The "Color Train", as it was named, originated in St. Louis and toured the fall colors of the area to Rosiclare and back. Actually, there were two trains that day, both with standing room only. Plans were to make the trip an annual event, but in spite of its popularity, it never ran again.

Larry Wieneke (L) - Mike Wallace (R) Checking out the scenery (Girls) getting off the color train.

1939 Train Wreck

Wreck occurred just north of Robbs on the ICRR Edgewood Cutoff Jan 30, 1939.
Engineer and Fireman and Brakeman were all killed.
 Adolphus West, Mural Waterbury, and Walter Choate.

Steam Engine Heading South Towards Paducah, Ky

This photo of Illinois Central Railroad Steam Engine # 764 (2-8-0) was taken at Reevesville, IL July 1954.
It was built by Rogers Locomotive Works April 1904. Weight 199,210 lbs.
Retired and donated to St Louis, MO Museum of Transportation in 1955.

Water tower on the left of coal chute. John Winn preparing to store his motorcar after a day of inspecting rails.
One of the buildings was a shower house and the others were where the section gangs worked out of.

Rail Road Bridge over Bay Creak on the Rosiclare Branch towards Galconda, IL.  Taken 1991

1912 Looking South

1912 Looking South

Action close up of a CN engine passing under the coal chute 2007.

CN Caboose ICG 199576 in service
On the main line in Reevesville, IL

Engine IC 1000 Idle on Tracks in Reevesville

IC Caboose still in service