In May of 2008 a tombstone was placed in the Reevesville Illinois Cemetery for an unknown man whose body was found along the Illinois Central Rail Road in Johnson County, near Reevesville. At the time of his death, in the year 1919, this person was refered to as a "Hobo", as it was a label often given to the "travelers of the rails" during that period of time. At the time of his discovery, the Fisher family was mourning the death of their twin infant daughters, May and Fay. Since their small caskets did not take up the space of a regular size grave, the family gave permission for the man to be buried across the foot end of the twins graves. (This account was given a few years ago by the late Bob Fisher.) The grave of the Hobo had gone unmarked until this summer when members of the cemetery committee voted to purchase a stone. With the help of the nice folks at American Monument Company of Marion, IL, this child of God will forever be remembered. It is hoped that some day his identity will be known and his decendants may finally know where he is buried. Since, at the time, the ICRR had a route connecting Reevesville and Carbondale, there may be a chance that he came from somewhere in Southern Illinois. A picture of the marker is attached and it should be noted that all Hobo's should not be considered bad or irresponsible, as the name often implied. Times were hard and jobs were scarce. It is possible that this man was, as were many others during that time in American history, hopping trains in search of finding a respectful means of supporting his family
    In the summer of 2001, a total of 60 permanent grave stones were placed in the Reevesville Cemetery to replace temporary metal markers. The small metal markers were easily subject to damage and loss of information. The new granite markers now permanently identify those graves with names and dates. Since many of the graves date back to the late 1800's and early 1900's, dates and, in some cases, first names were not available for all of the new markers. There remain several more graves that lack sufficient information as to who may be buried in them. Some are marked only by a natural stone with no engravings.   Thanks again, to American Monument for helping make all this possible, as well.
    Should anyone have additional information, please contact one of the committee members; James Troutt or Bruce Cummins of Metropolis, IL or Joan Dowd of Reevesville, IL. Also, additional information about the cemetery and the community is available at

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