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Illinois Central Rail Road (ICRR) Pictures

1940's or 50's.  Sunday afternoon Softball game East of Coal Chute.
Zooming in, a small fry can be seen carried to the pitchers mound.

Methodist youth about 1955. Some names are: Helen Joy Belcher, Evelyn Belcher, Joey Troutt, Bruce Cummins, Mary Johnson, Janice Belcher, John Troutt, Dixie Troutt, Sharon Wieneke

Hubert Troutt with wife Lena and son Lowell.
 Bay Creek Bridge late 1940s or early 1950s

Hubert Troutt tending his garden with a hand or push plow, which was typical of other gardeners in Reevesville in the mid 19oo's.
 His outdoor privy in the background was handy just in case.

ICRR Coal Chute & Water Tower @ Reevesville, IL
ICRR Coal Chute & Water Tower @ Reevesville, IL

Big Bay, IL Women's Church Group

Big Bay Store late 1940's. Tiny & Erma Corzine, proprietors

Tony Dowd, Gerald Taylor, Bruce Cummins . Water Tower ICRR Reeveville. 1950's
Tony Dowd, Gerald Taylor, Bruce Cummins . Water Tower ICRR Reeveville. 1950's

Rail Road Crew Heading to Work
Maybe sometime in the 1940's

Jimmie Hard (Son of Calvin & Elsie Richardson Hard) and David Boyd

Road going up Reevesville hill to the right.
Bane and Naomi Troutt's house in background.
Front - Jimmie Hard and Raymond Belcher
On the Back - Richard G. Boyd and David L. Boyd

Ester Boyd, Joan McCandless and Mary Ruth Boyd
Main Street didn't use to be very wide.

Loren "Weasel" South , 1950's? in Reevesville.
Section House at right and Bath House far left.

Harry Nave downtown Reevesville

Bottom Row L-R: Silas Goodson, John Ramsey, Carol Choate, Gerald Taylor, Barbara Stafford, Bruce Cummins, Judy Burnett.
Second Row: Roy Lee "Pinky" Wright, Sara Etherige, Jimmy Hazel, Sharon Etherige(?).
 Third Row: David Helm, Dixie Troutt, Wimpy Stafford, Betty Jo Troutt (Teacher), Paulette Shreeves, Tommy Hazel, Jeanne Bazor.
 Top Row: James "Tuffy" Trout, Joyce Shaw, John Trout, JoLynn Clymore, Larry Ramsey, Mary Johnson, James "Butch" Wright.

L - R Top: Alvey Hardin, Teacher. Marlene Etherige, Cecil Stogdale, Paulette Shreeves, Winston Etherige, Arlen Etherige, Lary Wieneke, Sara Etherige.
Next Row: Eunice Hazel, Lyndal Ramsey, Rosemary Burnett, Jimmy Shreeves, Donna Mott, Gene Nelson.
Next Row: Wayne Mott, Ruby Stogdale, James Wright, Delores Nelson, Mike Reames, Lois Wright, Robert "Butch" Wright, Myrna Mott.
Front Row: Bessie Ramsey, KLarry Ramsey, Josephine Hazel, Ronald Wieneke, Jimmy Hazel, John Burnett, Tommy Hazel.

April 19,1942 - Tiny and Erma Corzine

Tiny Corzine

1940's Tiny (James M) and Erma Corzine
Address on side of truck says McNoel, IL - original name of Big Bay.
Pic about 1950 when they ran the grocery after buying it from Boot Cummins.

1940's - Bob and Alvena Troutt

1940's - Bob and Alvena Troutt

1951 - John Bruce Cummins in front of  school yard

Dowd's Wedding Party 1953
Boot and Aline Cummis, Joan and Harold Dowd
Need better quality pic to see Boot's facial expressions!

The "Reevesville Club" which met on Thursday afternoon in rotation at member's home.
Steven Brannon's grandmother Clara Nave's diaries recount the attendance and what was served for refreshments.
For search purposes the members were: Granny Bivens, Elizabeth Dunn, Mamie Wieneke, Clara Nave,
Gertrude Caveness, Vincie Kelton, Naomi Troutt, Nancy Hazel, Rudy Cheek,
Fren Wheeler, Lois Purcell, Elsie Hard, Alma McGinnis, Effie Turner.

Harry and Clara Nave

Joe "Puddle" Troutt holding a copperhead that he killed
while squirrel hunting near Reevesville in the 1950's

Emma and Lowell Carter
Emma "Ma" Carter and Lowell "Bud/Jughead" Carter 1943
Submitted by Jerry Carter in June 2008

Bill Davis, 1950 Dispatcher at the Reevesville Depot

Lou Ramsey, 1950 at Lake Glendale

Stern and Darrell George, ICRR 1951

Virgil Nelson and Loyd Crain in 1951

1950s School Christmass Picture

Hubert and Peely Troutt 1951/53

Jeannie Bazor and Janice Belcher
The streets were made from cinders from the steam engines.

1955 Class Picture

David Boyd
Good view of cinder road, school outhouse and water towers
Nov 1959

Left to Right
Bottom Row : JoLynn, Dixie, Joyce
Middle Row: Carol, Judy
Top: Francis

Carriel (R) and Faye (L) Nelson.
Boardwalks were common during the 50's


The Methodist Church,  I would guess this to be Easter Sunday 50's.
                l-r front: JoLynn, Lon, Bruce
                    back: Joyce, Carol, Alice, Francis

Color Train

Reevesville Waiting for the "Color Train"

The "Color Train" has Arrived

This crowd of approximately 5,000 ate a ham and bean lunch in the yard of what was once the Reevesville Grade School. At the time of this picture, it had just finish renovation as the home of Harold and Joan Dowd and their sons, Tony and Philip.

The date was Oct 20, 1959. The "Color Train", as it was named, originated in St. Louis and toured the fall colors of the area to Rosiclare and back. Actually, there were two trains that day, both with standing room only. Plans were to make the trip an annual event, but in spite of its popularity, it never ran again.