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Illinois Central Rail Road (ICRR) Pictures

About 1963 just after Pentecost bought the Methodist church building.
Some names are: Jeannie Bazor, Bill Mathis, Sue Bazor, France's Wieneke, Ka Nelson, Harriet Troutt, Carl Craig, John Bacon sr., Carl Day, Gladys Day, George and Flora Reeves, Sara Johnson, Johnnie Bill Wieneke, Prescilla Hilton, Leatrice Wieneke, Faye Nelson, Dora Bazor, Teresa Wieneke

Big Bay Main Street 1960's

Big Bay Store 1960's. That's a 1962 chevy. 
Carl and Irene Foss proprietors

Kay Nelson (L) Mary Sexton (R)
Inside Boot's Store 1965

New Columbia School July 23, 1970
New Columbia School July 23, 1970

Sign on porch reads "Burnett's Store".
John and Alma Burnett were the last to operate a grocery in Reevesville. It closed in the early 1980's.

Inside Burnett's Grocery, Reevesville 1970's
Top picture Jim Cox and Richard Wright.
Bottom: John Wynn and LeeRoy Stafford.

Gene, Buck, and Lindell Hazel
1960's? - Lived on a farm just north or town. (Now Manley's)

1960's - Frank and Freda Marberry

1960's - Jim Bazor and Pilkey Burnett.
Jim was possibly the strongest make in Reevesville, he worked the local section gang on the ICRR.
Pilkey owned a farm about 3 miles up the road from R'ville.

1960's John Burnett on his HD

Early 1960's
Left - Joyce Shaw
Mid - JoLynn Clymore
Right - Judy Burnett
Methodist Youth Fellowship Bake Sale.
Kids in background - names unknown

Wright Family 1960's
L to R: James, Lois, Robert (Butch), Roy Lee (Pinky),Lillie Jane, Barbara, Thomas, Glenda - Children of Glenn and Bertha

Gaynel (Taylor) Hunt, Ed Taylor, Stanley Taylor 1960s

Aline Cummins in front of Boot's Store in 1968

Harold Dowd in front of Boot's Store, 1970's

Boot Fishing the Bay in the 1970s

Wieneke Grocery Store 1959

Roy Lee (pinky) Wright, Wimpy Stafford and Silas Goodson after loading Pilkey's (E.L. Burnett) pickup with fresh cut bales of hay.

John Burnett and Kenny Choate

John Troutt, Gerald Taylor, and Duke Staton of Samoth sittin on porch of I.C. Cafe

Kenny Choat in front of Calvin Miller's store
(Later Wieneke and then Burnett store).

Walter and Alma McGinnis - Taking a relaxing break.
Walter can't stop long so he keeps his gloves on.

Gilda and Barb

Jeannie Bazor purchasing some lunch meat from Boot.  Sometime in the 60's?

Aline Sorting Mail

Jimmy Bazor Fixing a Flat Tire

John Burnett and His Dynamite Corvair